Washing Machine Manufacturer

Washing of vials, Ampoules and bottles is the significant process in the pharmaceutical industries that cannot be taken as granted as it determines the hygiene and the quality of the products filled in them. A meticulous and thorough washing in a very clean, hygienic and uncontaminated manner is the basic requirement of this step.  We at Dhara engineers manufacture our machineries after studying the application requirement of pharmaceutical industries some of which are valued in the food, chemical, cosmetic industries as well. Our machineries like Total Vial Washing Machine, Automatic Ampoule Washing Machine and Vacuum Cleaning Machines in India have great demandbecause our efforts to make them qualitatively utilizing our innovative designs, the latest technology apart from our strict adherence to the international standards of quality.

Our machines have several comprehensible aspects for the easy operations. They are easy to maintain and are very cost-effective offering excellent profitability to the industries using them.

This website comprehensively talks about our high performance washing machines.