We are one of the foremost organization involved in manufacturing and supplying the premium quality of Semi Automatic Vial Washing Machine, that is clear, condensed, flexible and a deceive vial washing machine, with the latest GMP demand. The machine is placed within a Stainless Steel construction with flexibility to wash 1ml to 20ml vials and 2ml to 100ml glass vials with the support of appropriate change parts. The standard unit of the machine is having mechanical motorized cam operated valve system for observing total six washing in one cycle. The Semi Automatic Vial Washing Machine is having multifunctional multi featured vial washing machines that meet the GMP necessities of washing for glass and plastic bottles.

Unique Attributes of Semi Automatic Vial Washing Machine

  • All finishes, welding joints are processed, treated & equipment selected in accordance with cGMP standards.
  • Suitable to wash 1ml to 20ml ampoules and 2ml to 100ml vials.
  • Both internal & external washing ensuring absolutely & continuous ampoule after sequential washing
  • Acrylic top cover provided for clear view of washing during running of the machine
  • Easy to operate machine can be operated by even semi skilled operator.
  • Low Water Consumption.
  • Quick Change over of parts for other size of Vial.


Model No DAVW – 240
Output Each cycle time will be of approximately 58 seconds.
30 to 40 cycles/ hour can be achieved, on the basis of operator’s efficiency.
Power Supply Main Unit : 0.25 hp, 415 Volt, 3 Phase, 4 Wire System, 50 Hz
Overall Dimension 1100 mm (L) x 1050 mm (W) x 1200 mm (H) min
Input Specification Ampoule: 1 Ml to 20 Ml (with the help of suitable needle plate &Comby Tray).
Vial: 2 Ml to 100 Ml (with the help of suitable needle plate &Comby Tray).
Net Weight : 120 kg, Gross Weight :250 kg
Utilities DM Water 16 Liters/ Cycle
WFI Water 8 Liters/ Cycle
Air 20 CFM @ 5 Bar
(Buyer should have to provide 3 bar pressure at the inlet of filtered air)
Multijet needles plate
Comby Trays
Internal /External Washes Washing Media
1st Wash D.M. Water
2nd Wash Air
3rd Wash D.M. Water
4th Wash Air
5th Wash WFI Water
6th Wash Air

M.O.C. :-

  • Machine structure composed of SS 304 with argon welded.
  • SS Tanks & trays composed of SS 316 by argon welded with round corner.
  • SS pump composed of SS 316 with mechanical seal Monoblock pump.
  • SS filter housing made with SS 316.
  • All Nozzles made with SS 316.
  • Imported Gear Motor for main drive and conveyor
  • Every Contact Parts with washing zones/jet is composed of SS316.