Our companies Total Vial Washing Machine is systematically and hygienically is very considerable in the medical, food & cosmetic industries. We are considered to the best Total Vial Washing Machine Manufacturer and our team is used to design and make the utmost quality of Total Vial Washing Machine that offers a worthy output. Our machines perform the washing functionality with complete exactness & high speed with extremely no operator interference requirement and additionally, it consumes electricity & water very resourcefully. This is the reason that, many company imports our machineries as we are the well known Total Vial Washing Machine Exporter in India.

Our machines offer sorted out and finish cleaning of the vials in an extremely sterile way in view of its uncommon concise framework for issue free inside and outside washing of vials. It likewise has high limit Pump to offer a full weight washing together inside dexing movement perfect for making the syringes move into the vial, when it is totally static.


Model No DAVW – 240
Output Each cycle time will be of approximately 58 seconds.
30 to 40 cycles/ hour can be achieved, on the basis of operator’s efficiency.
Power Supply Main Unit : 0.25 hp, 415 Volt, 3 Phase, 4 Wire System, 50 Hz
Overall Dimension 1100 mm (L) x 1050 mm (W) x 1200 mm (H) min
Input Specification Ampoule: 1 Ml to 20 Ml (with the help of suitable needle plate &Comby Tray).
Vial: 2 Ml to 100 Ml (with the help of suitable needle plate &Comby Tray).
Net Weight : 120 kg, Gross Weight :250 kg
Utilities DM Water 16 Liters/ Cycle
WFI Water 8 Liters/ Cycle
Air 20 CFM @ 5 Bar
(Buyer should have to provide 3 bar pressure at the inlet of filtered air)
Multijet needles plate
Comby Trays
Internal /External Washes Washing Media
1st Wash D.M. Water
2nd Wash Air
3rd Wash D.M. Water
4th Wash Air
5th Wash WFI Water
6th Wash Air

M.O.C. :-

  • Machine structure composed of SS 304 with argon welded.
  • SS Tanks & trays composed of SS 316 by argon welded with round corner.
  • SS pump composed of SS 316 with mechanical seal Monoblock pump.
  • SS filter housing made with SS 316.
  • All Nozzles made with SS 316.
  • Imported Gear Motor for main drive and conveyor
  • Every Contact Parts with washing zones/jet is composed of SS316.