Delrine Conveyors

Delrine Conveyors Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Our rich industry experience also allow us to successfully handle the requirements of Delrine Conveyors that are made available by us in different size specifications as well as wall thicknesses as demanded by the clients. The pharmaceutical industry has many specific needs from high speed bottle filling and filling drums with pills, to blister pack processing and off-line inspections – all while maintaining a sanitary environment. It has low moisture absorption, high fatigue endurance and good dimensional stability. It is characterized by high strength, stiffness, resistance to creep. It is easy to machine and results in a very smooth finish. It has low coefficient of friction, good wear properties. It possesses high impact resistance, chemically resistance, and structural strength. It is also food grade.

Unique Attributes Of Delrine Conveyors

Model nameDelrine Conveyor
Speed7 M/Min up to 12 Feet Long
Power Characteristics0.5 HP/220 V/50 Hz up to 12 feet long
Height of Conveyor860 mm to 910 mm
Belt width9″ or 12″ as per requirement
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